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What if I want my neckline

squared or boxed?

You are not alone if you like the boxed look.  The Barber's Edge comes with the popular rounded finish.  It also has cutting lines to follow if you want a different look.  Just use scissors to cut any shape you desire.


How do I know the template is on correctly?

Once you clip the baseball hat onto The Barber's Edge (the top of the template should be under the rim of the hat), make sure the center line of the template is lined up with the center seam of the hat.  Once the hat and template are in place on your head, make sure the bottom edge of the template is at your desired height.  If not, adjust the clips up or down the track system until you get your desired height.  Once these steps are complete, start trimming.  For best results, pinch the bottom edges to your neck with your free hand during the trimming process.  Once you get to the center of your neckline, it may be best to switch hands.


How do I wash/clean The Barber's Edge?


To clean the Barber's Edge, just put it under some warm running water.  Air-dry completely prior to putting away.




Returns are accepted if you make a mistake cutting your template to size.  The buyer will be responsible for shipping the product back and for the new product.

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