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       from a dream to reality...       

I learned and started cutting men's hair in college to help generate revenue to consume non-cafeteria food and adult beverages.  My client book quickly grew around campus.  In between cuts, I would just cut their neck hair to give them a clean fresh look until they get their next haircut.  After college, I started to cut my friends' and family's hair as well.  Again, I found that they also would come to me just for a neck hair trim between haircuts.
Meanwhile, I had been either trying to cut my own neckline using 2 or 3 mirrors or simply asking one on my clients to cut it.  Each time, I found myself disappointed that they didn't trim it perfectly and it differed each time.
After some research, I discovered how much money people spend on hair cuts and how many people wish they could have a clean and fresh neckline.
This is how the concept of the Barber's Edge was born.  I figured there had to be an easy way for one to get the perfect neckline anytime they wanted and be able to complete this task simply and by themselves. The Barber's Edge can give you the perfect and fresh barber's look in less than 30 seconds.

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