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This is the solution to a problem that has been around as long as men have been growing hair. Why waste time and money on a haircut every 2-3 weeks when you can get the fresh haircut look for pennies? With the Barber's Edge, you can groom your back neck line in less than 30 seconds... with no help from your spouse or mirrors. Just clip, adjust, and trim.
Do you like your line squared? No problem! Just use scissors along the designated raised lines...and now will have the squared look!
Do you like your line a bit higher? No problem! Just adjust the clips to your desired height.
Did you get off work after the barber shop closed? Do you have 3 soccer games to go to on a Saturday? Do you have church and brunch on Sunday? No problem! Just put on your Barber's Edge and trim! It really is that easy!

The Barber's Edge (with Clips)

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